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Herbalife 康寶萊

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Active Fiber Complex

To support regularity and bowl function   Dietary fibre is a collective term for parts of..

Advanced Program

Healthy weight loss with enhancers   Program yourself for success with all the components..

Beauty Powder Drink In Stock

Beauty Powder Drink

Beauty from inside out   Collagen is the main component of connective tissue, and is the mo..


Reduce Bloating Helps to improve the appearance of skin with an herbal blend rich in phytonutrien..

Chitosan Fibre Complex

Decrease Fat Intake   Chitosan Fibre Complex contains Chitosan blended with Fenugreek fiber t..

Herbal Tea Concentrate

Daily Energy Herbal Tea Concentrate contains fast-acting botanical for energy and weight-manageme..


Quick Energy Liftoff is a unique effervescent drink, formulated to help you stay on top of your d..


Fat Barrier Lipobond’s formula is derived from natural ingredients which naturally aid the ..


Natural Energy   Guarana contains theobromine and theophylline, two of the substances found..

Nutritional Protein Drink Mix

 Shake Your Way to Good Health   Modern diets are often low in fiber, higher in fat ..

Performance Protein Powder

Lean Muscle Controls hunger and promotes healthy weight management. It‘s fat free with 5g o..

Protein Bar

Healthy Snack With about 10 grams of protein, plus vitamins and minerals, Herbalife Protein Bars ..

QuickStart Program

Healthy Weight Loss Made Simple Losing weight doesn’t get any easier! Whip up two meal-repl..


Enhance antioxidant Immunity RoseGuard contains potent antioxidants that work to protect your imm..

Snack Defense

Control Snacking Snack Defense helps deliver all-day snack control. Chromium is cofactors that he..