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Nutritional Protein Drink Mix

Nutritional Protein Drink Mix

 Shake Your Way to Good Health


Modern diets are often low in fiber, higher in fat and lacking in nutritional value. No matter what your particular nutritional goals are, Protein Drink Mix give you the nourishment of a meal with Vitamins, minerals and essential nutrients that help support weight management.


Nutritional Protein Drink Mix 



•  Herbalife Formula 1 Nutritional Shake Mix is tested as low GI

•  Only 205 calories per serving when mixed in 300ml/320ml skim milk

•  Low in saturated and unsaturated fat

•  Rich in minerals and vitamins, including the antioxidant Vitamins A, C and E, that can help fight ‘free radical’ oxygen molecules and so help protect your body

•  Helps to ensure the diet receives good quality dietary fibre

•  Formula 1 has been developed to provide a scientifically-balanced and easily absorbed source of quality nutrition

•  Easy to prepare, either shake by hand in a sealed flask, use a mini-blender, or an electric blender. The final product froths up readily, and has a  smooth and creamy consistency 

•  Enhanced fibre blend for a smoother, easier mixing shake

•  Convenient, resealable canister allows for easy storage and quick use

•  Helps weight management, as part of a calorie-controlled diet and regular exercise program 

•  Create your own shake recipes by adding fresh fruit and ice


Start every day with balanced nutrition and essential nutrients for a healthy, active life


  To lose weight: Substitute two of your three daily meals with a  Protein Drink Mix

  To maintain weight: Substitute a Protein Drink Mix for one of your daily meals

•  To gain weight: Add three Protein Drink Mix to your diet 




After 8-12 hours overnight without food, your body’s energy reserves need to be replenished. Without breakfast, your brain and your muscles

will not have the energy they need to maintain activity throughout the day. 30% of All Hong Kong people skip breakfast.


Protein Drink Mix scientifically formulated to provide balanced nutrition, including a significant amount of heart-healthy protein to help keep you feeling satisfied longer. Nourish your body with Cellular Nutrition for optimal metabolism, growth, repair, and reproduction at the cellular level. Protein Drink Mix is available in 5 flavors. Including Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate, Wild Berry,  Cookies’n Cream and Mint Chocolate.


Low GI: GI (Glycemic Index) Glycemic Index (GI) is a measurement carried out on carbohydrate containing foods and their impact on our blood sugar. The glycemic index (GI) is a ranking of carbohydrate-rich foods on a scale from 0 to 100 according to the extent to which they raise blood sugar levels after eating. Low GI foods, by virtue of their slow digestion and absorption, produce gradual rises in blood sugar.




  Blend or stir 25g (2 heaping tablespoons) of Protein Drink Mix with 8 fl oz of nonfat milk or soy milk.

•  Create your own recipes by adding fresh fruit and ice.

Flavour Dutch Chocolate、Vanila、Wild Berry、Cookie n Cream、Mint Chocolate
Size 550 g




Local purchased over 900


30 days Money Back Guarantee 


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